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About Tides

Tides is about helping owner managed businesses navigate the challenges of growth. To help people meet their goals I call upon 20+ years of relevant experience and the invaluable network of professional friends and colleagues I have be fortunate to work with in my various roles. So really to learn more about Tides, we perhaps need to begin with me…

I'm Neil Stewart, an entrepreneur (although that label has never felt quite right to me), investor and adviser with decades of hands-on experience in the realms of tech start-ups and SME leadership. 


As far back as I can remember technology has always been my driving passion... how things work and how they can be done "better". That led to an education in design, technology and business, focusing increasingly on digital services, marketing and all the other disciplines start-ups need to survive and thrive - its been and interesting and engaging far!

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My Journey

My career formally began in 1999 with my first start-up as the dot-com boom was in full flow, since that point I've performed pretty much all roles in various tech and other businesses (except for being a fully-fledged coder!).

I've gained a well-rounded view of business dynamics, leading companies through significant growth phases, complex transitions, and many challenging events from inception to exit, navigating these waters from both sides of the M&A table.

Through Tides Business Development, I offer my expertise as a Business Development Advisor/Consultant. My primary objective is to utilise the wealth of knowledge and experiences I've gained over the years to guide businesses toward their goals, be they growth targets or successful exits.

My LinkedIn profile provides a more detailed career overview however, the most valuable takeaways relevant to helping guide people and their business ventures, are that the majority of my working life has been dedicated to building teams and growing small businesses, most of which were in "start-up" mode, often bootstrapped, and all owner-managed!

I served in many roles that varied in scope and discipline greatly, encompassing everything from negotiating contracts with commercial entities and governmental organisations to recruiting and managing diverse teams across business functions. I've been deeply involved in preparing businesses for sale, the sale/due-diligence/legal processes, and the subsequent integration processes within corporate environments, all of which provide me with some very unique and valuable experiences to share with others.

Approach to Advising & Mentoring

I believe in sharing knowledge and experiences to help others reach their goals. Whether through a casual coffee or formal advisory roles, I'm committed to assisting budding entrepreneurs and seasoned executives alike.


My approach is practical, tailored, and infused with insights gained from a lifetime of leadership in high-growth settings, whilst not losing sight of the need to service the small things that are often overlooked.

My experience in working in start-ups has allowed me to develop a set of cross-functional skills, I have a great eye for detail and considerable expertise in implementing business processes and systems.  As a consultant, I combines a warm, approachable manner with great problem-solving skills.

Get in touch

I'm always looking for new and exciting conversations and opportunities they bring, so please get in touch below or if you prefer reach out via LinkedIn.

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